God of War III Will Not Have Multiplayer, But Probably Will Have DLC


Posted October 20, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

God of War III

To say God of War III is an eagerly awaited game among PlayStation 3 owners is a huge understatement. Kratos' first foray into the current generation had better be epic to meet expectations, and, at this early date, it's looking like "epic" is the right word -- DLC is being discussed, and the game's creators seem to be taking the artistic challenges of making a truly godlike game seriously.

According to game's director, Stig Asmussen, in an interview with GamePro, multiplayer will not be included in the game because of the story-telling problems it creates -- GOW III's developers are not willing to sacrifice the core experience players expect in order to jump on the multiplayer bandwagon. 

"With God of War 3, there's a story we want to tell and an experience we want to deliver, and multiplayer doesn't fit into that," Asmussen said. "Imagine two Kratos characters running around at the same time. Once you do that, the story becomes something more about an experience between two players and less about something that we're scripting. So, you have something like Left 4 Dead, which is sweet, but we just decided with this game, there's a certain way that we want to tell it. And staying with what we've done in the past, we want to complete the story in a way that was familiar to everybody."

When asked about GOW III challenge rooms, Asmussen said:

"It would make a lot of sense to be able to download them. That's something we might see in the future. So, maybe you'll see the game ship with a certain amount of challenges on it, then later on, we might put a download pack out with new challenges. It's a good way to keep the series going."

What do you think: Is God of War III going to be as great as everyone says, or is the whole "God who hacks and slashes other gods" thing played out after all these years?


God of War III Will Not Have Multiplayer, But Probably Will Have DLC


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