Modern Warfare 2's Spec-Ops Mode Was Originally A Co-Op Campaign


Posted October 15, 2009 - By pklepek

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With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Infinity Ward is finally bringing a long requested feature to its shooter universe: co-op. The Spec Ops mode is the studio's take on co-op, a separate mode with missions designed exclusively for the co-op experience. The additional effort is appreciated, but what about the single-player campaign? Why not just add more players to that? According to an interview with Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling at VG247, the developer tried that.

“We did it early on; that’s what Spec Ops started out as -- as co-op through story,” said Bowling. "But it really broke the cinematic experience, took the immersion out of it, out of the story and the pacing and everything we’d spent so long crafting. It just ruined the experience we were aiming for, so we took it out, kept the single-player for that one player intact and polished it.”

At least we can scratch the obvious off: why didn't Infinity Ward try to make campaign work in co-op? They did. I'm a fan of having separate co-op missions, anyway.


Modern Warfare 2's Spec-Ops Mode Was Originally A Co-Op Campaign


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