inFamous 2 Audition Went 'Great,' Says Actor David Sullivan


Posted October 14, 2009 - By pklepek

inFamous 2 Audition Went 'Great,' Says Actor David Sullivan

When I broke word yesterday that actor David Sullivan (of the fantastic sci-fi film Primer) had auditioned for a possible recasting of inFamous main character Cole McGrath for inFamous 2, news spread fast. Sullivan embraced the news on Twitter before someone -- likely from Sony or Sucker Punch -- asked him to take down any references to inFamous.

"Thank you all for your interest and your support," he told his Twitter followers. "I will continue to keep you updated on things I book which are, in no way, private."

Earlier in the day, however, Sullivan received word of my story, telling me over Twitter the audition for the part "went great." He did not elaborate on any other details of the audition.

Sucker Punch has not commented on the news, but Sony released a brief statement after I contacted them yesterday. "We have made no announcements in regards to the inFamous franchise," said a company spokesperson.

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inFamous 2 Audition Went 'Great,' Says Actor David Sullivan