Darth Vader's Car Breaks Down, R2-D2 To Blame?


Posted October 5, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

Darth Vader's Car Breaks Down, R2-D2 To Blame?

In a rather amusing story, the BBC recently spoke with Darth Vader actor, David Prowse, who discusses an incident in which he was recently left stranded on the UK's M1 highway in Northamptonshire. Who does he have to blame? Why, poetically enough, it may have been none other than R2-D2 himself! (Or at least the actor who played him.)

The East Midlands Regional Control Centre at Watford Gap had to dispatch a rescue vehicle for the Star Wars star, whose car had broken down on the notoriously dangerous highway. As Prowse recounts, the vehicle in question had been previously owned by the dwarfish actor who inhabited the R2-D2 can/costume, Kenny Baker:

"The car was previously owned by my good friend Kenny Baker who was R2D2," said Dave. He used to keep a little ladder inside the boot so he could climb up and put his suitcases inside. When he had finished, he'd put the ladder back and used a cord to shut the boot. I decided to leave the cord there as a reminder of the car's previous owner." 

Sabotage, I say -- SABOTAGE!!!

Prowse, who was on his way to rehearsals and filming, was that weekend, to attend a meeting of the the UK garrison of the 501st, an organization of Star Wars cosplayers who primarily dress as Stormtroopers and march in parades. Ironically enough, the charity-driven group shares the number designation of Darth Vader's personal regiment of Clone Troopers from the films who carried out the purge of the Jedi Order. (A homage to the group of fans.) Vader's connection to the group's identity has designated Prowse their worldwide Commander in Chief. Prowse was left awkwardly stranded on the highway with a car full of Star Wars memorabilia that he was to bring to the meeting.

Despite the ordeal, Prowse did in fact, make it to that meeting, not disappointing his fans. However -- Note to self: Never buy a car from actors best known for playing iconic blue Astromech Droids in Star Wars films.


Darth Vader's Car Breaks Down, R2-D2 To Blame?


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