EA And 20th Century Fox Team Up For Spore Movie


Posted October 2, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

EA And Fox Team Up For Spore Movie

Adapting video games for the big screen has become more popular than ever in the past few years (Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Max Payne, Doom, etc.), and yet movies based on video games are, for the most part, below average at best. However, that hasn’t stopped Hollywood from wanting to bring popular gaming franchises to movie screens, and no one knows this better than Electronic Arts.

For as Variety reports, Twentieth Century Fox and EA are teaming up to adapt Will Wright’s evolution simulator Spore into an animated feature. Ice Age's Chris Wedge will direct, The Princess and the Frog scribes Greg Erb and Jason Oremland will write the script, and EA and Blue Sky Studios will co-produce.

This new deal means that EA now has six movies based on its properties destined for movie theaters: The Sims, Army of Two, Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space and Mass Effect. While Spore definitely seems like it has the most potential of any of these adaptations, I’m actually much more interested in seeing what becomes of Bioshock, since that’s a world and a story that I'm utterly fascinated with and the more time I can spend inside of it the better. Then again, a movie about someone building and decorating a house and then reading a lot so as to prevent their stove from catching on fire does sound pretty damn riveting.

What do you think of Spore: The Movie? Which EA game do you think will make the best movie?


EA And 20th Century Fox Team Up For Spore Movie


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