Morning Hangover #65 -- Jake Questions Super Street Fighter IV, While Patrick Does The Unthinkable


Posted October 1, 2009 - By pklepek

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Super Street Fighter IV Officially Revealed

Jake Gaskill: When I wrote about Capcom's big Super Street Fighter IV reveal yesterday, I mentioned that the standalone title will not be compatible with Street Fighter IV because of the number of tweaks and improvements that Capcom made to the online portion of the game. At the time, I thought that this had the potential to cause some bad blood among SFIV fans, but now I realize that this is actually a much more troubling issue that I previously thought. Because basically, the new game serves as a straight up replacement of SFIV, since it contains all of the old content plus eight new characters and a host of gameplay tweaks and improvements designed to make it an even more stable and well-rounded fighting game. For SFIV fans, the new game is a must buy, because why would they not want the definitive Street Fighter IV experience?

It's this mentality that is troubling because it promotes disposable gaming. "Forget that full priced game you bought last year. Buy this new version, even though it isn't even close to a full sequel, and get the game that you kind of wanted the first time around. Oh, and you'll kind of have to buy it if enough other people buy it, because you won't be able to play against anyone online unless you have the same version of the game that everyone else is using. Sound good?"

Am I off base on this one? Am I getting worked up over nothing? Will there be enough SFIV owners willing to stick with the original game to keep the game alive and well online?

Patrick Klepek: I don't mean to keep harping on Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but since a copy has yet to land in my lap, I've been contemplating doing something that pretty much never happens to me with video games: turning on the original again. Though the last few hours of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune was tainted by a poorly planned twist and overbearing amounts of combat, everything before that was superb. But since I'm usually moving from game to game, I don't tend to play anything a second time. I doubt I'll finish Uncharted, but simply wanting to pop the disc in? That's impressive.

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Morning Hangover #65 -- Jake Questions Super Street Fighter IV, While Patrick Does The Unthinkable


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