TGS in Review: Top 10 Games of Tokyo Game Show 2009


Posted September 30, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

There weren't as many games at this year's Tokyo Game Show as there had been in years past, but there were still enough quality titles on display -- from both the East and West sides of development -- to compete for a spot on our unofficial and completely unscientific list of top games from the show. Winners shall receive nothing beyond our continued anticipation. Feel free to nominate your own candidates in the comments section!

Top 10 Games of Tokyo Game Show 2009

1) Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Screenshot

TGS 09 TrailerHands-On Preview | Demo First 13 MinutesDeveloper Interview

Billy Berghammer:  "However, co-op is the main dish in Peace Walker, and based on our short hands-on time, it's looking quite promising. When playing a cooperative level, players choose which type of Snake they want to use to tackle a mission -- Battle Dress (best armor, yet slow), Sneaking Suit (Snake has a shield, yet if not equipped has weak armor), Jungle Fatigues (balanced), and Naked Snake (little defense, but fast and has a brutal weapons load-out). I initially chose Naked Snake, and enjoyed his speed and vast weapons."

2) Crackdown 2

Crackdown 2 Screenshot

Gameplay DemoHands-On PreviewDeveloper InterviewScreenshot Gallery

Patrick Klepek:  "Let it be known: Crackdown was made for a robust, sprawling series of multiplayer options. Deathmatch is a perfect compliment to the Crackdown gameplay and the sense of verticality means the ebb and flow is completely different from anything else out there. Unlike a great many other shooters coming down the pike, Crackdown 2 doesn't have to worry about the monster that is Modern Warfare 2; this is another beast entirely."

3) Final Fantasy XIII

Square Enix Announces Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Announcement

Gameplay Footage | Hands-On PreviewDemo Walkthrough Video

Patrick Klepek:  "I have to commend Square Enix for giving players opportunities to encourage movement about the environment in order to dodge enemy encounters. It's tough to tell how extensively this will extened to the entire game, but there were several instances in the Final Fantasy XIII demo where I was able to find a secret path around the enemies that prevented those encounters from ever happening."

4) Dead Rising 2

‘Dead Rising 2’ Impressions

Multiplayer TrailerHands-On Preview

Patrick Klepek:  "By far the most popular mode shown here at TGS was Slicecycles. Are you ready for this? Imagine an arena filled with thousands of zombies ready to be ripped apart by motorcyclists who have strapped chainsaws to the sides of their bikes. The laughter was infectious across this and the other game modes, as well."

5) Gran Turismo 5

Tokyo Game Show 2009: Gran Turismo 5 Hands-On Preview

Gameplay FootageHands-On PreviewStudio Tour of Polyphony DigitalGT5 Modes Revealed

Billy Berghammer:  "However, the big news is that we finally have game details. Gran Turismo 5 will feature 900 cars, 20 locations, 70 variations of tracks, a new physics model, and promised damage that will affect not only the physical appearance of the cars and affect performance, but for race cars, parts will see physical damage, and also get completely torn off the vehicle. Lose a fender or door, and it will lay in the track – damaging other cars that run into it. It’s about time Polyphony!"

6) Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II

TGS 09 TrailerPreviewDeveloper Interview

Billy Berghammer:  "Tasked with dropping five archers perched upon rooftops, Ezio clears them out and lets imposters move into place to further the mission. Combat is greatly expanded, and not only did we witness Ezio scale buildings and then pull unsuspecting archers off their posts, but he can also use one as a shield before head slamming two enemies at once.

7) The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian TGS '09 Trailer »

TGS 09 Trailer | Fumito Ueda Interview

Patrick Klepek:  "The small boy, whom we presume to be the main character, appears on the screen, looking at something we cannot see. Soon, though, he moves around the wall and peers over at the creature. The boy is quiet, very quiet, deliberately attempting to not wake the slumbering beast. His hand moves closer and closer to the creature until he begins petting and brushing him. The beast awakens."

8) FFCC: The Crystal Bearers

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers Arrives December 26

TGS 09 TrailerHands-On Preview | Demo Walkthrough Video

Billy Berghammer:  "A much more interesting encounter happened when while running down a hallway I set off a trap,which sent a moving skeletal demon platform towards me that had a door in the middle branded with an arrow on it. By locking onto the door it and jerking the Wiimote in the desired direction, the demons would attack, and by latching onto them would cause them to jab the platform. It was actually a pretty neat combat mechanic and I hope Square-Enix has gobs of things like this in the game to keep things fresh."

9) Splinter Cell: Conviction

Splinter Cell Conviction Screenshot

TGS 09 Trailer | Hands-On Preview

Sterling McGarvey:  "Sure, during E3, Ubisoft's demo felt like watching a Bourne movie, but when you're in the role of stealthy badass government agent, you start to see how easily a pack of thugs can dispatch you. They chat with each other a lot, and they'll move in packs if there are enough of them. I was also told that by the time I reach the point in the game that was today's demo, I'll be well-versed in Conviction's combat style."

10) Lost Planet 2

‘Lost Planet 2’ Impressions

TGS 09 TrailerHands-On Preview

Sterling McGarvey:  "The tools came in handy as my team faced two giant boss Akrid who were blind as bats, but just as resourceful with their hearing. As my teammates made noise, these one-story-tall creatures would use their sonar abilities to rush in with vicious attacks. Fortunately, the VS gun allowed me to keep some distance from them and land some devastating attacks. Eventually, we floored both of them."

TGS in Review: Top 10 Games of Tokyo Game Show 2009


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