Infinity Ward Says No Demo For Modern Warfare 2 Prior To Launch


Posted September 28, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Modern Warfare 2 GamesCom 2009 Co-Op Preview

Apparently, Activision feels confident enough in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 that it doesn’t feel the need to put out a demo prior to the game's November 10th release. Talk about your bold stances. I mean, the game is already flying pretty low on the exposure meter as it is, and without a demo, Activision will most likely end up having to settle for sales somewhere in the low billions. What a shame.

Infinity Ward community manager Rob Bowling (aka fourzerotwo) delivered the news via Twitter, saying, “No plan for a Demo before launch. The entire team is focused on polish all the way up to ship of the full game.”

Exactly. Spending valuable development time to put together a demo when most people have most likely already decided if they’re going to buy it or not would be a waste. If Activision feels compelled to woo the three or four gamers who don’t buy the game within its few weeks of release, then it will put out a demo and watch as even more cash shows up on its doorstep.

Anyone really broken up over Activision not releasing a Modern Warfare 2 demo?


Infinity Ward Says No Demo For Modern Warfare 2 Prior To Launch