Justine Bateman Angry At The Internet


Posted September 23, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Justine Bateman

You know who Justine Bateman is? She was a popular actress in the 1980s. She starred in Family Ties and a bunch of other stuff. She was actually pretty hot. But it's not the 1980s any more, and Bateman is on the Twitter.

This morning, the high-strung actress apparently got angry when people she didn't even know started showing up on her Twitter Feed. She posted the following to a total stranger:

I don’t know what kind of deal you cut with TwitterBerry or how much it cost you, but suddenly you’re on my Twitter feed and I NEVER OPTEN TO FOLLOW YOU nor do I wan to.

I’m set to flame this incident all over the Internet. I suggest for the sake of your reputation on-line, YOU GET YOUR TWITTER ACCOUNT TOGETHER, and stop attempting to shove your posts into other people’s feeds.

The problem is, her new online nemesis didn't cut a deal with TwitterBerry or anyone else -- he was an innocent man. It was just the first time Bateman ran across a new twitter feature that builds "re-tweets" into twitter streams.

The feature works like this: When you re-tweet something, it will show up in your friend's twitter feed associated with the author of the original tweet. For example, if I tweet something soulful and hilarious (and I do, all the time) and you re-tweet it, my face will show up on your friend's feed, even if I don't know them.

Bateman's reaction was pretty over-the-top, but unlike some members of the blogospere, I'm totally on her side. When unwanted messages show up in our inbox, on MySpace, on IM, on our phones, they are usually from advertisers or nere'-do-wells. It's understandable that Bateman would jump to that conclusion.

While Bateman threatening someone over the internet is rude and arrogant, the reaction of the "blogosphere" is just as bad. Here's part of Techcrunch's post on the matter:

"It's mildly hilarious that Bateman thinks that somehow users are to blame for this, and that she thinks her lame Internet threats will put an end to all of this,


"Clearly, she doesn’t frequent TechCrunch or a number of other tech blogs who have been covering this upcoming change extensively, because if she did, she would know that..."

Yeah, clearly Justine Bateman, rich and semi-famous movie actress, would have a much better life if only she kept up on the minutia of tech blogging! Keep in mind, this feature isn't even widely available on twitter.  Techcrunch: Most people with lives, families, jobs and hobbies have neither the time nor the interest to keep up with tech blogs. Just letting you know.

Of course, it could be that techcrunch is parodying Bateman's self-importance by pretending to be even more self-important than she is...but I doubt it.

Anyway, I feel you, Justine Bateman -- I don't like anyone either.


Justine Bateman Angry At The Internet


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