Verizon And AT&T Concerned Over Net Neutrality


Posted September 23, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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You might not be fully aware of it, but right now, one of the most important battles in the history of the internet is being fought. This issue is net neutrality. To sum up the conflict: Some big companies would like internet service to be tiered, so info sent from some corporations could potentially be give priority on the internet. That way, ISP's could provide premium service for internet sites and customers willing to pay for prominent positions. As things are now, Joe's Awesome ISP/Search Portal and AT&T both share the same level of service over the internet.

The FCC is leaning toward ensuring net neutrality right now, and most internet-freedom types think it needs to be ensured... but wireless providers are becoming concerned. AT&T and Verizon's wireless divisions have both expressed their worries.

The wireless providers' argument goes like this: Bandwidth on physical networks (like phone lines) is essentially limitless, so net neutrality makes sense in that context, but wireless internet is a different story. Wireless bandwidth is limited by the available spectrum, and if the carriers don't have authority to limit some types of heavy use, everyone loses.... or so they say.

As more and more people switch to wireless internet, the issue of how the resource is allocated becomes more and more important. Should we let the free market decide? Should the government step in? How about a nice middle-ground? No one really knows how it will shake out, so leave your idea in the comment section below...who knows, maybe you'll solve the problem!


Verizon And AT&T Concerned Over Net Neutrality


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