TGS 09: Music Game Dev Keiichi Yano Excited For Project Natal, Mum On Projects


Posted September 23, 2009 - By pklepek

Microsoft hasn't revealed much more about Project Natal since its grand unveiling at E3, but its been well established that many developers have kits from Microsoft that have allowed them to start playing around with ideas for the device. Elite Beat Agents and Lips creator Keiichi Yano, co-founder of music games-driven Japanese developer iNiS, is very excited about Natal. Yano told Billy Berghammer in an interview this week that motion controls have a very important place in the future of music games and it sounds like he's going to be at the forefront of this.

"So I think that it's really great that the advent of the Wii has kind of brought all this this fuzzy motion technology," said Yano. It's not a very exact thing, but at the same time, it allows for an interface that basically anyone can pick up and play. In the case of Ntal, you don't pick up anything. You literally just stand in front of the camera and you're good to go. I think, for example, with games like Lips or Rock Band, Guitar Hero, what not, with music games in general, the target segment that those games are trying to reach and the target segment that Natal is trying to reach is really kind of synchronous there, trying to go for the same kind of people. It's already a good match, I think."

"We've been in a day and age where we've really relied on these peripherals coming all the way up to this state," he continued, "but now we have the potential to not have anything at all but still have the same types of experiences or maybe even more immersive depending on how we design our games. It's definitely a challenge and it's a good challenge to have. But whenever we can take an experience like Natal, which is really geared to you just stand in front of it and you can immediately get the game within 30 seconds, kind of mixing that together with the music experience, which is a social experience, is all a good thing and hopefully there will be a lot of good games that come out of that."

Does that mean Yano is actively working on Natal-based games right now?

"That I cannot talk to," he teased.

TGS 09: Music Game Dev Keiichi Yano Excited For Project Natal, Mum On Projects


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