Morning Hangover #59: Raymond Predicts Sony Surge And Jake Rides The (Virtual) Thin Blue Line


Posted September 22, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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Sony Announces PlayStation 3 Slim For $299, Available In September

Raymond Padilla: Sony's game-changing announcements at GamesCom 2009 have made the console wars a whole lot more exciting. It will be terribly interesting to see what it does next at Tokyo Game Show 2009 (be sure to read Sterling's Sony teaser and stay tuned for Patrick's live blog of Kaz Hirai's keynote!). While a price cut and new hardware are huge, following it up with excellent software is vital. Nintendo has never been big on TGS (it used to hold its own show, Space World prior to it) and Microsoft has never been big in Japan, so this is an excellent time and place for Sony to launch its next salvo. It started things off with a bang at GamesCom and has a chance to really drive the point home at TGS. I wouldn't be surprised if August and September 2009 are remembered as extremely pivotal moments in this round of console wars. We could be witnessing the beginning of Sony resurgence...or maybe not. I want to hear what you have to say! What do you expect from Sony at TGS 2009? What does it have to do at the show to take its game to the next level?

Jake Gaskill: I was talking with the one and only Jeff Kanjanapangka last night, and at one point, we came to the consensus that there is just something inherently joyous about playing cops and robbers. And while there have been numerous attempts to capture the spirit of this childhood favorite, (the most recent example that's still a source of endless entertainment is the Grand Theft Auto IV multiplayer mode "Cops N' Crooks), they all seem to pale in comparison to what Realtime Worlds is attempting to pull off with its massively-multiplayer online crime game APB (Be sure to check out the latest trailer if you haven’t already.) I mean, it seems like such a simple concept, yet it’s taken this long for someone to fully realize its potential. Of course, it just so happens that that someone is David Jones, the brilliant mind behind the original Grand Theft Auto and the critically acclaimed Crackdown. And this is precisely the reason why the first thing that comes to mind when I think of  "cops and robbers MMO + David Jones" is "zombie game + Valve.". And that makes me very happy. Am I wrong to have such high hopes for APB? Have open world crime games become the new World War II games, or will there always be a place for a well crafted sandbox crime title?

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Morning Hangover #59: Raymond Predicts Sony Surge And Jake Rides The (Virtual) Thin Blue Line


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