What Did Bungie Think Of District 9?


Posted September 11, 2009 - By pklepek

What Did Bungie Think Of District 9?

There might be a Halo movie eventually, but what was supposed to be the Halo movie helmed by Peter Jackson protégé Neill Blomkamp became District 9. While interviewing Bungie community manager Brian Jarrard at Penny Arcade Expo last weekend, Jarrard admitted that while he hadn't personally seen District 9 yet, much of the Bungie staff had.

"I know a lot of the guys [at Bungie] obviously have seen it. I'm in the minority," he said. "Pretty much universally at Bungie people love it. We're really just happy with how it turned out. We've always thought Neill Blomkamp had a lot of talent and it's just awesome that he got this chance. In a lot of ways, I mean, like Joe was saying yesterday, it's kind of cool that it isn't the Halo movie, that he [Blomkamp] got a chance to -- this is Joe's [Staten, creative director] line -- kind of give sci-fi a kick in the nuts and do something totally different."

If the Halo movie had been made, it's likely District 9 wouldn't exist. It's not often science fiction is delivered something that isn't based on an existing franchise. Plus, as Jarrard points out, maybe District 9 was what Blomkamp was destined to make all along.

"Maybe he couldn't have done that with Halo with all the cooks in the kitchen and all the creative sort of shackles that would've gone with that," he said. "Not to say there won't be a movie someday -- who knows? I would like to see one, but I think this actually worked out for the best."

Would you have traded District 9 for a Blomkamp-helmed Halo movie?

What Did Bungie Think Of District 9?


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