Dragon Age: Origins Profiles Violent, Sexy Assassin/Ex-Bard Leliana


Posted September 10, 2009 - By defiantketchup

EA continues the Dragon Age: Origins media push with the latest trailer profiling the deadly bard/secret assassin, Leliana, in their mature-rated RPG. Perhaps you might recognize her from past videos... hint, she's the one losing clothes near the campfire.

"In Orlais, bards travel throughout the courts of the land, trading entertainment for the hospitality of the aristocracy while simultaneously playing a more sinister trade: Often, they are secretly spies or assassins. Leliana, however, speaks little of her history as a bard, having left her life in Orlais behind long ago. She came to the village of Lothering seeking refuge in the Chantry, where she has assumed a life of quiet contemplation and prayer to the Maker, asking Him to forgive a life of deeds that her fellow sisters can only guess at. Although it is the last path that Leliana would ever choose for herself, she believes that the time will soon come to take up that old life once again. A higher calling awaits her, and with it, a road to true redemption. The Maker has told her this, and she believes."

Dragon Age: Origins Meet Leliana Trailer »


Dragon Age: Origins Profiles Violent, Sexy Assassin/Ex-Bard Leliana


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