Penny Arcade Expo Documenting Flights With Confirmed Swine Flu Cases


Posted September 9, 2009 - By pklepek

Public Service Announcement: Swine Flu Detected At Penny Arcade Expo 2009

There was just one confirmed case of swine flu from the Penny Arcade Expo yesterday. It may have started with one, but that number is quickly growing. To help people better identify whether they should be heading to the doctor, Penny Arcade is documenting outgoing flights (and trains) with confirmed cases of swine flu and updating its website.

Confirmed cases so far:

Flight List for those with Confirmed Cases:

Departed Sunday:
Alaska Airlines #664, Seattle to Dallas, Departed Sunday Night
JetBlue #498, Seattle to Boston, Departed Sunday Night
United #958, Seattle to Chicago, Departed Sunday Morning

Departed Monday:
Alaska Airline #12, Seattle to Boston, Departed Monday Morning
American Airlines #1414, Seattle to St. Louis, Departed Sunday Afternoon
American Airlines #1162, St. Louis to Chicago
Delta #1050, Seattle to Atlanta, Departed Monday Morning
Frontier #432, Seattle to Denver, Departed Monday Morning
Horizon #2475, Seattle to Santa Rosa, Departed Monday Afternoon
JetBlue #176, Seattle to New York, Departed Monday Morning
Northwest #154, Seattle to Minneapolis, Departed Monday Super Early morning
Southwest #1221, Seattle to Salt Lake City, Departed Monday Night
United #356, Seattle to Denver, Departed Monday Afternoon
United #416, Denver to Tulsa, Departed Monday Night
United #505, Denver to Albuquerque, Departed Monday Night
US Airways #685, Seattle to Phoenix, Departed Monday Morning
US Airways #156, Phoenix to St. Louis

Departed Tuesday:
Frontier #432, Seattle to Denver, Departed Tuesday Morning
Virgin #755, Seattle to San Francisco, Departed Tuesday Afternoon

Train List for those with Confirmed Cases:

Amtrak Coastal Starlight #11, Seattle to Los Angeles, Departed Monday Morning

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Penny Arcade Expo Documenting Flights With Confirmed Swine Flu Cases


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