Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party Trailer Impressions


Posted September 8, 2009 - By r_pad

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Square Enix showed a new trailer for Final Fantasy XIII at a "premiere event" in Tokyo. As you'd expect from a Square trailer, the trailer was utterly incredible. Even though I don't understand Japanese and no translation was provided, I was able to piece together some of the trailer's events from the (somewhat ridiculous) notes I took. Since the trailer is not available yet, you'll have to make do with my interpretation of the events. I'll be providing you with my original notes, as well as what actually (okay, probably) transpired in the video.
Final Fantasy XIII
My Notes: Condom Head is hanging, talking with Little Girl. It's a romantic scene. Fireworks are exploding in the background. The two share a kiss. Condom Head holds Little Girl and has that "I'm totally going to score" expression on his face.
What Actually Happened: Snow and Serah share a romantic moment.
My Notes: A battle scene is shown with Female Cloud leading the way. There's a feature called "Optima Change" shown in the menus. It looks like a power-up of some sorts, but I have no idea because I can't read the rest of the menu.
What Actually Happened: Battle scenes focused on Lightning are shown. I was told that "Optima Change" is the original Japanese term for the feature called "Paradigm Shift", which G4tv.com's Andrew Pfister wrote about in his GamesCom 2009 preview of Final Fantasy XIII.
My Notes: A mix of gameplay scenes are shown. The environments vary, as do the lead characters. In addition to Female Cloud, Chocofro and Condom Head are shown leading the way.
What Actually Happened: This montage had a bunch of battle sequences, as well as footage of the characters running through different environments. Some of the environments were interiors, while others were large, outdoor areas. In addition Lightning, Sazh and Snow are shown as the "lead" character.
My Notes: WTF?!? Chocofro just used the Ifrit summon in gestalt mode. Ifrit became a frickin' NASCAR.
What Actually Happened: WTF?!? Sazh just used the Ifrit summon in gestalt mode. Ifrit became a frickin' NASCAR.
My Notes: Little Girl is distraught on a pier. Condom Head forcefully grabs her.
What Actually Happened: Serah is upset about something. Snow grabs her -- not sure if it's to get some answers or to snap her out of it. By the way, I referred to Serah at Little Girl in my notes, but it turns out that Snow is supposed to be pretty big, so maybe she's not that little.
My Notes: Female Cloud is shown brooding.
What Actually Happened: Lightning is shown brooding. By the way (again), Lightning is supposed to resemble a female version of Final Fantasy VII's Cloud Strife. That's what designer Tetsuya Nomura was tasked with when her initial character designs were ordered.
My Notes: Chocofro and Red Hair Girl are captured.
What Actually Happened: Sazh and Vanille are captured by Cocoon. Hmmm, Vanille's summon is Carbuncle. If Shiva is a motorcycle, Odin is a horse, and Ifrit is a race care, then I wonder what Carbuncle's ridiculous gestalt form is??? My head hurts from thinking about it...or maybe it's jet lag and dehydration.
My Notes: Little Girl falls out of an airship. The bad guys get her. Condom Head is pissed.
What Actually Happened: To be honest, I wrote this in the margins and can't remember where it fit in chronologically. I think it was a little before Lightning's brooding session, but I'm not sure.
Square Enix
My Notes: Everyone is whining.
What Actually Happened: This looks like the nadir for the good guys. They're all in various stages of anger and despair.
My Notes: Female Cloud goes apesh*t and smashes everything. Something is unlocked.
What Actually Happened: It looked like Lightning was frustrated and just started smashing the hell out of everything. Conveniently and miraculously, her smashing resulted in (what appears to be) an important item appearing.
My Notes: Condom Head got beat up and lost his shirt, so he surrenders.
What Actually Happened: Snow appears to have been beaten up and is surrendering to Cocoon. I'm guessing it's a supreme act of martyrdom so the good guys can get Serah back.
My Notes: Chocofro and Red Hair Girl (dang, I can't read that last part...the trailer must have been moving too fast).
What Actually Happened: Oops.
My Notes: Female Cloud continues to kick ass and gets Little Girl back. Condom Head looks sad.
What Actually Happened: Lightning is a pretty cool character and apparently more capable than her companions. Not only is her battle style wicked, but she manages to get Serah back after Snow (apparently) lost her to Cocoon. No wonder he looks sad.
Well, those are my notes on the new Final Fantasy XIII trailer and my interpretation of them (after some thought). I can't wait until it's released so I can compare my notes to your observations. I'm guessing the trailer will be available by Tokyo Game Show at the latest.

You really do have to see the trailer for yourself to understand how amazing it is, but this was a fun exercise. Let me know what you think of the events I described

Final Fantasy XIII Premiere Party Trailer Impressions


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