Electronic Arts Has "No Plans Right Now" For More NASCAR Games


Posted September 2, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Electronic Arts Has

Any NASCAR fans out there hoping for a new left-turn simulator from Electronic Arts? Well, you can officially stop holding your breath now. During an interview with GameSpot, EA Sports president Peter Moore said, "There are no plans right now for NASCAR from EA."

Moore went onto say that while he and EA have enjoyed making NASCAR games in the past, "Unfortunately…we had to make some tough trade-offs. We've had to redeploy some of those folks. A number of the NASCAR team has moved over now to EA Sports MMA, which will be shipping next year. [We're] still a huge fan of NASCAR, but no plans right now to develop any further games for NASCAR from EA Sports."

Man. EA’s fighting franchise MMA has done nothing but cause controversy and turmoil since it was announced back at E3. First, it gets into brawl with UFC, and now it’s interfering with NASCAR fans getting their racing fix? Is nothing safe from MMA’s wrath?

Honestly though, between the recently released NASCAR Kart Racing, and the upcoming Need for Speed: Shift and Need for Speed: Nitro, EA isn't exactly dropping the ball entirely for racing fans. But I imagine some people might be a bit bummed about EA taking a break from NASCAR for a little while.

Are you one of them?


Electronic Arts Has "No Plans Right Now" For More NASCAR Games