God Of War PS3 Compilation Probably Won't Have God Of War III Demo


Posted September 2, 2009 - By pklepek

God Of War PS3 Compilation Probably Won't Have God Of War III Demo

Even though the God of War III playable demo that's been making the rounds at E3 and Comic-Con has been met with hours-long lines from players, it's not looking likely that this year's God of War compilation for the PlayStation 3 will include that demo. Sony Santa Monica director of product development John Hight broke the news to IGN.

"That is unlikely at this juncture," said Hight. "First and foremost, we want to be able to have this [compilation] available for this holiday, and we don't have a [God of War IIII] demo available yet that we feel is release-ready. I know a lot of people played the E3 demo and dug it and everything but, as far as our standards, it's not ready to go into everybody's home. So we wouldn't want to hinder our efforts to get God of War 1 and 2 out. We felt like the fans were pretty outspoken as far as, 'Man, I want to play now' and 'I want to play this Christmas,' so we put the emphasis on that."

It won't be that long of a wait, though. God of War III is scheduled for a release next March, rounding out next year's trio of beat 'em ups. Sega's Bayonetta is releasing sometime in January and Electronic Art's Dante's Inferno is coming in February.


God Of War PS3 Compilation Probably Won't Have God Of War III Demo


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