Nintendo Bringing Out Black WiiMotes


Posted September 1, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Black WiiMote

In response to price-cuts for the PlayStation 3 and 360, Nintendo has announced it's putting out black Wii-motes and nun-chucks. After this holiday season, Nintendo will release a Black version of the Wii Remote bundled with a black Wii MotionPlus add-on. A black Nun-chuck controller also will be available for the holidays too, sold separately.

The black bundle is, according to Nintendo, the "first new color" for the Wiimote, so other shades are on the way. (Also, black isn't a color.) Perhaps red, or even (gasp!) blue.

I'm glad Nintendo is offering people an option when it comes to hue, but I wonder how much it really matters to gamers. Do you care about your Wiimote color? Any particular color you'd like to see? Personally, I'd like a money green controller with sparkly paint and chrome accents, please.

Update: Our fearless leader Billy Berghammer points out something important about this story: "People like to have their sh*t match." In other words, if you can get a black Nintendo Wii in Japan already, when will you be able to get one here? Is it only a matter of time.

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Nintendo Bringing Out Black WiiMotes


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