Tetsuya Nomura Says Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep At TGS 2009, No Versus XIII


Posted August 31, 2009 - By r_pad

A lot of readers are clamoring for more information on Kingdom Hearts 3. Some readers are hot for more details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII. One reader idiotically asked why TheFeed hasn't asked Yoshinori Kitase about Versus XIII. Some of you will be getting your questions answered, as Square Enix director/designer/deity Tetsuya Nomura has revealed what the company will be showing off at Tokyo Game Show 2009. Andriasang has translated an interview with Famitsu that said:

"Additionally, Nomura said that Square Enix probably will not show new footage of titles that are further off, including Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, and The Third Birthday.

On a more positive note, Nomura's comments do appear to confirm playable FFXIII and Birth By Sleep at the show! Those two alone should make a trip to the Square Enix booth worthwhile."

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Versus Japanese Trailer »

Gamers waiting for the big Kingdom Hearts 3 announcement will have to wait a while longer. Players wanting to see more Versus XIII in action will be disappointed. The genius that wanted Versus XIII answers from Kitase needs to understand that it would have been moronic to throw those questions at him.

I know this isn't what some of you wanted to hear, but I'm totally down with FFXIII and Birth by Sleep at TGS. How do you guys feel? Excited? Disappointed? Meh?


Tetsuya Nomura Says Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep At TGS 2009, No Versus XIII


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