French Government Meets With Apple To Discuss Exploding iPhones


Posted August 28, 2009 - By r_pad

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Before I get to this article, riddle me this: What sound does an iPhone make when it explodes in France? The answer, of course, is "le boom!". Anyway, there have been numerous reports in France of exploding iPhones. The problem has prompted the French government to meet with Apple to discuss les explosions. The loungers at iLounge have reported:

"French consumer affairs minister Herve Novelli met with Michel Coulomb, commercial director of Apple France, earlier today to discuss the proliferation of 'exploding' iPhone reports in the country. Following the meeting,Novelli corroborated a statement from Apple claiming that none of the affected phones tested thus far exhibited battery problems, and instead show that the cracked screens were related to external pressure exerted on the devices. When asked about potential responsibility for the issues,Novelli said it was 'too early to blame anyone,' and said the two agreed to stay in contact, with Apple informing Novelli about the results of the other tests."

I'd love to hear a Frenchman starring in an English iPhone commercial saying, "We ave...ow you zay...an app for zat!" It would crack me up.

Have any of you had any problems with exploding iPhones? Or is this mostly a French problem, like Jerry Lewis?


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French Government Meets With Apple To Discuss Exploding iPhones