PlayStation 3 Slim's Blu-ray Drive Is Worse Than Original's


Posted August 28, 2009 - By r_pad

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While most of the PlayStation 3 Slim haters in the house have been knocking Sony's new system for the lack of PlayStation 2 backwards compatibility, these haterade drinkers will be pleased to know that the Slim also has an inferior Blu-ray drive. Engadget did an extensive analysis of the system and discovered that the Slim's Blu-ray drive is a tad slower than the original's.

"We're actually a bit surprised by the results here, so we checked over these a few times. It seems that the PS3 Slim's Blu-ray player is actually a tiny bit slower than our 60GB PS3 classic from 2006, albeit not by much. The time between inserting the disc (listening for that last little 'click' sound) and having it register in the menu was pretty much the same ten seconds each time, but once you click on the disc and actually launch into the movie, the time it takes to get to a non-loading screen was seconds quicker on the classic. Not a drastic difference, but after so many years to improve theBD technology, you think they'd bother to add something with a little more pep here, and certainly not deliver something with less."

Personally, I really dig the Slim. I love that it uses less power, runs cooler, and isn't nearly the fingerprint magnet the original is. Plus, I'm totally geeked out by its awesome 17-blade fan. Still, it's disappointing that its Blu-ray drive is outperformed by a three-year old model.

Are any of you disappointed in the PS3 Slim's Blu-ray performance? Shouldn't a three-year update of a console have a drive as good or better than the original's? Or is the difference small enough that it doesn't matter to you?


PlayStation 3 Slim's Blu-ray Drive Is Worse Than Original's


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