Nugget From The Net: Edible 360 Controller


Posted August 26, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

360 Bento Box

I tried eating my 360 controller the other day, and it tasted like plastic and broken dreams. If only I had had a 360 Bento box like the one pictured above I would have had a nice lunch and a mouth full of unchipped teeth. It looks delicious, right?

The controller is mostly Jasmine rice, but other key ingredients include seedless cuke slices, Konnyaku (gray Japanese yam cake), and a large amount of seared Spam Lite. The only bit of unnatural color in the box: The blue button. That's egg white with blue food coloring. There is no blue food. My only suggestion is adding a little more red pepper to make the Red Ring.

Laura Bento made this for her boyfriend. He is either a very lucky guy or a very unlucky one; I can't decide which. While I appreciate the work, care and craftsmanship that went into creating this (and the other elaborate Bento Boxes on Laura's Flickr stream), the obsessiveness of the Bento Box thing creeps me out just a tiny bit... but then, hey, I eat totally ugly Sloppy Joes for lunch, so I probably shouldn't talk.


Nugget From The Net: Edible 360 Controller


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