Most iPhone Users Unhappy With AT&T


Posted August 21, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Apple iPhone

The results of a recent survey from ChangeWave Research should surprise no one: While the overwhelming majority of iPhone users approve of their phones (97%), more than half do not approve of AT&T, the phone's sole provider of service.

Thirty two percent of respondents said the biggest problem with the iPhone is service lock-in with AT&T, while 23% said AT&T's calling and data coverage, service quality and service speed were the biggest downers about owning an iPhone. That adds up to 55% of iPhone users citing AT&T as the biggest iPhone issue.

Overall, iPhone battery issues were the No. 1 dislike of Apple aficionados.

I have AT&T service for my phone (not an iPhone), and I'm okay with it. But I'm not a huge "phone guy." I imagine most of the frustration for iPhone users has to do with the lack of choice of providers. If Apple opened up the iPhone to other providers, everyone would be happy... except, of course, AT&T. Many are predicting that Apple will open up the phone as soon as the current contracts are up, but I'm not sure.

Opening up the iPhone would be the best thing for consumers, but that doesn't mean it will happen. Like most things in life, I'm pretty sure it will all boil down to money, to who is going to pony up the most cash for the rights to service iPhone users -- if AT&T can convince Apple to keep exclusivity by driving huge trucks full of money up to the Apple offices, the status quo will remains. Meanwhile, you gotta figure Verizon is pleading its case to Apple too.


Most iPhone Users Unhappy With AT&T


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