EVE Online Bans Thousands Of Accounts Over Currency Trading


Posted August 21, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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EVE Online

The sad truth about cheaters, exploiters and real-life capitalists in some video games is that they are often allowed to stay on board because they keep paying the monthly fees. But sci-fi MMO EVE Online has a more proactive approach to currency exploiters.

CCP, the game's developer, outright banned over 9,000 accounts recently in an ongoing operation they call "Unholy Rage." EVE Online's delicate economy is affected strongly by currency farmers and credit card frauders, so thousands of EVE cretins were given the Boot of Bannination, much to the delight of legitimate players worldwide. As a result, crazy amounts of server space and mining areas were freed up in the game. Here's how Einar Hreiðarsson, one of EVE's lead GMs, put it to Ars Technica:

"RMT operators take up a lot of server power. They use macros to run missions, rat (grind PvE) and mine 23/7. This adversely affects other players’ chances of making a simulated living as all sweet-spots for this sort of activity are totally overrun with RMT-type users," Hreiðarsson said.

According to Hreiðarsson, "Practically all credit card fraud we suffer stems from the RMT element which uses stolen credit cards to register expendable accounts that they know we will ban as soon as they start using them, e.g. accounts used to spam ISK sale adverts and such."

The overall idea was to treat fraudulent players and ISK farmers like the FDIC treats real world financial nere-do-wells, not like a SWAT team handles criminals, so after deep study of the economy of the game, questionable accounts were identified and destroyed. CCP was successful enough at identifying cheats that the number of false positives (legit players caught up in the sweep) was minimal.

So, CCP willingly settled for a little less monthly money in order to keep the game-world secure for EVE players who want to legitimately earn fake money and chisel one another.  Why don't you help out and sign up for an account in an MMO that actually (gasp!) cares about their players... just keep your money-making activity in-game and everything should be hunky dory.

What game do you think has the most farmers? I'm guessing World of Warcraft, if only because it's the most popular.Source

EVE Online Bans Thousands Of Accounts Over Currency Trading


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