Fairytale Fights Features A "Kill 1,000 Children" Achievement


Posted August 20, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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Similar to American McGee’s Grimm, Playlogic's stylized hack-n-slash adventure game Fairytale Fights uses classic children’s fairytales as its source material, which, as intended, makes the game's excessive and over-the-top violence all the more “shocking.” Well it seems that Playlogic has found itself, or will soon find itself, in a bit of hot coffee over one particular aspect of the game that will surely have anti-violent video advocates up in arms faster than a frightened Chihuahua.

As UGO recently discovered, the game features an achievement for killing 1,000 kid characters. Playlogic says that it isn’t 100 percent sold on including the achievement, and the developers are still debating about where to include it in the final version of the game. Obviously, this isn't the kind of thing publishers dream of promoting, but there you have it.

Personally, I hope it’s included. It fits in perfectly with the game’s exaggerated tone and tongue-in-cheek presentation. Plus, the original Grimm’s Fairytales is filled to the brim with horrific acts committed against and by children, and that’s considered a classic literary work. Also, crushing the life out of a Little Sister in Bioshock is far more disturbing than the cartoony violence on display in Fairytale Fights. Better still, Bioshock contains a “Dealt with Every Little Sister” achievement as well, so this seems like well worn territory.

This whole thing just seems like a bunch of misguided arm-flapping, especially if the achievement garners more criticism than the actual acts of violence in the game. I’m sure there will be plenty of crazies out there who will use this single example as the sign that our society is once again crumbling around us, and, as always, it will be equal parts hilarious and sad.

What’s your take on the “controversial” achievement?


Fairytale Fights Features A "Kill 1,000 Children" Achievement


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