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Posted August 19, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Angus Khan

I urge you to leave the safe confines of your home and go to your local, independent music retailer and purchase some CDs today. I know you could just get it on your computer, but music stores are awesome. Skip the Target and the Best Buy and head down to that place with the band fliers on the windows and the smell of marijuana smoke in the air. Support awesome things. When you get there, browse for a bit, then buy the following CDs. They’re all really good:

Angus Khan: Black Leather Soul -- Obviously the most important music release of the week is Angus Khan’s Black Leather Soul, and I’m not just saying that because the band’s guitarist (Frank Meyer) sits in the next cubicle over and is a terrifyingly murderous individual. I like this album a lot. It’s a terrific collection of smash-your-damn-teeth in biker rock/metal/punk by an underground super-group composed of both rockers and rollers. Buy it.  (Frank, please don’t beat me up.)

Jay Reatard: Watch Me Fall:  Jay Reatard’s latest angular indie-rock album is softer than previous releases. Watch Me Fall owes a lot to classic new wave and pop-punk acts of the 80s and late 70s. Most of these songs sound like the parts of the Buzzcocks that Green Day doesn’t sound like, and the others sound like the Go-Gos or The Records. If you don’t already own it, you should pick up the Buzzcock’s catalog, but, if you want something new, pick up Jay Reatard’s album instead – you can sound like a lot of worse things than the Buzzcocks. For example, you could sound like every other band ever.

Kevin's Picks: I spoke to extended cable television SuperStar Kevin Pereira about the music he likes, and he recommends these two recently released albums: MuteMath: Armistice and Dredg: The Parrot, The Pariah, The Delusion
Both are really, really interesting but still rock. I will take his advice and buy these albums. You should too.

Last House on the Left

As for movies, it's a crazy derivative week on DVD, but rather than fight it, I'm just going to report it.

Last House on the Left: The 2009 remake of Wes Craven's seminal 70s horror-flick is surprisingly well done. But, really, you should pick up Craven's original. Or, even better than that, you should pick up Igmar Bergman's The Virgin Spring. Craven based his Last House on Bergman's tale of medieval revenge and the influence of Christianity on the folk religions of Sweden. You haven't seen a revenge tale told correctly until you see it done by Bergman, perhaps the most talented man to ever pick up a camera. The Virgin Spring is chilling and relentless, plus chicks with glasses will think you're smart if you have it in your DVD collection. In fact, here's a project: Watch these three films in chronological order and it's like a living lesson on the degeneration of cinema as an art form.

Inglorious Bastards 2: Hell Heroes: Quentin Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds isn't even out yet, but the sequel is available on DVD! Wait, this isn't a sequel. It's not even the source material to Quentin's movie. It's a sequel to 1977's Inglorious Bastards.  But only in name. Really, Inglorious Bastards 2 is just some anonymous 1980s Vietnam-Sploitation movie called Hell Heroes that they slapped the name "Inglorious Bastards" on. You know what? Don't buy this DVD at all. Wait for Quentin's movie.

Until next week, folks, I'm out. But I'll bet I missed something, didn't I? Clue me in in our comment section!

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TheFeed's Weekly Music And DVD Release Picks


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