'The Hobbit': Do We Really Need A THIRD Part?


Posted August 19, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

'The Hobbit': Do We Really Need A THIRD Part?

You may or may not have heard a rumor going around pertaining to a possible change in the release structure of The Hobbit. The first part to the rumor, was some reinforcement to the idea that the films would be released in 3D (which is hardly a new rumor.) The other, was that it would be released in THREE parts instead of the allotted TWO that has been discussed for nearly a year, now.

It goes without saying that the rumors (and I stress "rumors") are, at this point, shaky at best. However, it's a concept that's worth discussing, even if only hypothetically. Plus, talking about The Hobbit is fun.

As far as the idea of the films being in 3D, such a concept would be spectacular and I can already feel myself being enthralled as the audience is swatted at by the hordes of giant Mirkwood Spiders, to being seemingly engulfed in the flames of Smaug the Dragon. 3D = Easy win.

However, the rumor that stands to be controversial, is obviously the idea of a third film. After the first two films that would chronicle The Hobbit novel, this one would serve as a bridge film into the Lord of the Rings trilogy. It begs a pretty obvious question: Do we really need this?

There are numerous possibilities, and here are just a few:

  • A film centered on a younger Aragorn. (Do you do know that for a time, he went under the name was "Estel?"  I guess he was a Golden Girls fan.) While it would be doubtful that Viggo Mortensen could realistically reprise his role, it would still have potential. It could document his first quest to discover his lineage in Gondor and how he initially fell in love with Elf-Princess/ Ex-Aerosmith music video jailbait, Arwen (which would nicely be reprised by Liv Tyler.)

  • A film in a "pulp" format which travels back and forth to different regions of Middle Earth and updates us on the events in the aftermath of The Hobbit, and possibly sets the stage for important things such as Balin's ill-fated reign in the underground Kingdom of Moria, Theoden's ascension to the throne of Rohan, or Denethor's tenure as Steward in Gondor. 

  • A really unconventional turn, with a film centered on the Witch King of Angmar and his efforts to revive Sauron and rebuild his empire. It would be pretty dark, and I can't imagine such a project ever coming to life, but it certainly would be awesome.

What do you think about the possibility of a "third" Hobbit film? Is there potential? Or should they just leave well enough alone?


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'The Hobbit': Do We Really Need A THIRD Part?


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