GamesCom 2009: It Begins


Posted August 18, 2009 - By agentcooperfbi

Wow, jet lag is a treat! Well, the G4tv.com crew has finally landed in Cologne, Germany, and we’ve got our press badges, and we’re patiently waiting to get things going. We’re calling today Day 0 because the main GamesCom floors have yet to open, and outside of getting yelled at for accidentally going where we weren’t supposed to go (oops!) we’re prepping for the day’s events.

GamesCom 2009: It Begins
Day 0 coverage will include the EA Press Conference and the Sony Press Conference. The EA press conference begins at 4:30pm Germany time, and the Microsoft Press Conference begins at 6:30pm. We’ll have breakout reports from each of the press conferences, and we’ll be trickling video out as fast as we can kick it out.

What surprises these conferences will hold are still unknown. Both EA and Sony generally go pretty big from these shows – since they’re both loved quite a bit in Europe – so we're guessing there should be some fun announcements.

Stay tuned for heaps of coverage from GamesCom 2009! Or as they say here in Germany, “Da ist ein Unfall passiert. Da war eine laute Explosion. Es war nicht mein Fehler. Sie müssen zur Polizei gehen.”

GamesCom 2009: It Begins