Rare Examining Old Franchises For Future Project Natal Remakes


Posted August 17, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Developer Rare Helping Develop Project NatalA few months back, developer Rare put out job listings looking for designers to help work on titles made specifically for Microsoft's upcoming motion-sensing technology Project Natal. Well, it seems that Rare is just as interested in resurrecting and updating some of its older franchises to take advantage of Natal's capabilities as it is in developing new Natal-specific IP.

Speaking with VideoGamer, Rare’s design director George Andreas said that the company is currently perusing its IP catalogue, which consists of such games as Donkey Kong Country, Killer Instict, GoldenEye, Conker’s Bad Fur Day and others, to see how those games might translate over to the motion-sensing capabilities of Natal.

While there is certainly potential for most of Rare’s titles, Andreas said:

“One in particular actually I think we can do an absolutely phenomenal, absolutely phenomenal version on with Natal. The interface, the way you interact with it – I think it would be an absolutely world-beating product. But we need to explore a little bit more in that direction.”

Personally, I’m pulling for Battletoads or California Games, because Battletoads is Battletoads, and that’s all there is too it, and California Games has that Wii Sports Resort factor, and it would be a solid little jab at Nintendo on behalf of Microsoft, especially if the game somehow launched with Natal next year.

What Rare games do you think would be particularly cool with Project Natal support?


Rare Examining Old Franchises For Future Project Natal Remakes


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