Rumor Patrol: 360 Elite Dropping In Price By $100


Posted August 12, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

360 Price Cut

I love writing about rumors of console price-drops, especially when the rumors seem credible. Today's secret info: The Xbox Elite is coming down in price by $100, and the 360 Pro is being phased out altogether. The source: Kotaku  posted a photo scanned from the Meijer catalog due on August 30, and it clearly lists a $299 price tag for a 120GB Elite under the words "new, lower price!"

As for the Pro model going away, I say good riddance: This would essentially mean the end of the infamous Red Ring of Death; we could finally end our long national nightmare. (Mini-Update: According to our commenters -- and my co-workers! --  the Elites still sometimes Red Ring... but not in the numbers that the initial RRoD outbreak produced.)

I'm putting a call in to Microsoft, and if I hear anything back, I'll let you know... but don't count on more than a "no comment."  Expect the price-drop to be announced by Microsoft, not confirmed to the press. As for the timing of the announcement: Well, if this is on the up-and-up, it's got to be before that catalog drops on the 30th, so I'm expecting an announcement at Gamescon in Germany late next week

My question is: Will Microsoft's price-cut announcement be competing with Sony's expected announcement of the PlayStation 3 Slim? Rumors are flying about that announcement too. It looks like a classic console price-cut showdown might be brewing for Leipzig; I call it The Ruckus in the Rhineland. Of course G4tv.com will be there in force, breaking news and breaking skulls in Germany. Keep your browser tuned to G4 for all the details during the German game show--I'm talking previews, interviews, videos, news, and more.


Rumor Patrol: 360 Elite Dropping In Price By $100