Pokemon Platinum PSA: Darkrai Access Available Until September 13, 2009


Posted August 7, 2009 - By Raymond Padilla

Pokemon Platinum PSA: Darkrai Access Available Until September 13, 2009

To my fellow Pokemon trainers that are playing Pokemon Platinum: don't forget that Nintendo is holding a special WiFi event until mid-September. Trainers will be able to procure a special item that leads to a super-powerful Pokemon. Here's the official word from Pokemon.com:

"Attention, Platinum Trainers! Darkrai is the newest Pokemon to be discovered in Pokemon Platinum Version. There's only one way to locate Darkrai in Sinnoh, and that's by using the Member Card! The Member Card will be available to players only from August 3rd to September 13th via Nintendo WiFi Connection."

Even though using legendary Pokemon in competitive settings is considered cheap, Darkrai is one of my favorites. My personal suggestion for its moveset is Dark Void, Dark Pulse, Calm Mind, and Spacial Rend. You can put opponents to sleep with Dark Void, allowing Darkrai's innate "Bad Dreams" ability to whittle away at an enemy's hit points. Use a few Calm Minds to raise Special Attack and Special Defense. After that, almost any Pokemon you face can be killed with one Dark Pulse or Spacial Rend. This just one way to use this awesome Pokemon. Now hit up Nintendo WiFi Connection to get access to your very own Darkrai!

For trainers that already own Darkrai, what moveset do you use? For those that don't have Darkrai, will you be hitting up WiFi Connection to snag him? Or has your WPA security killed your DS's or DSi's Internet access? Lastly, for everyone, what's your favorite Pokemon? Mine is Brian Leahy, but he refuses to go in his Pokeball whenever I throw one at him.


Pokemon Platinum PSA: Darkrai Access Available Until September 13, 2009


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