Fallujah Developer Lays-Off Staff


Posted August 6, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Six Days in Fallujah

When docu-war-game Six Days in Fallujah was announced a few months ago you didn't need a crystal ball to predict problems down the line for the title. Originally to be released by Konami, Six Days garnered such an outcry from veterans and peace groups that Konami decided against publishing the game -- even though the military veteran gamers we spoke with were strongly supportive of Six Days. Konami's absence left developers Atomic Games trying to find a new publisher for the controversial game.

Sadly, as of yet, they haven't found a publisher big enough to support Six Days in Fallujah, and have been forced to lay off some of the game's developers. Atomic didn't specify how many people recently got axed, but they did issue a statement saying:

Due to a mixture of fears about the edgy subject matter of Six Days in Fallujah, as well as low video game sales this summer, we have been unable to secure full-scale funding from a major publisher for Six Days in Fallujah. This has caused us to reduce the size of our studio today.

If this were a war, Atomic would be calling for the medic. But it's not all entirely bad news. Atomic promises that development "will continue with a smaller team that will be funded by our sister company, Destineer."

Six Days hired numerous veterans of the battle to consult on the game, and Atomic seemed committed to bringing a realistic, serious portrayal of the Battle of Fallujah to the market. It's a shame that the popular conception of video games is that they can't possibly be serious, so any subject matter treated in a game is necessarily not being taken seriously. It's going to take a few more years until games are shown the same respect that film is afforded.

Fallujah Developer Lays-Off Staff


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