A Few Things To Keep Your 'Lost' Hunger Afloat


Posted August 4, 2009 - By Joseph Baxter

A Few Things To Keep Your 'Lost' Hunger Afloat

Attention Lost fans: Still sulking? The bomb explodes -- white light -- then suddenly NOTHING! It's like the polarized version of the Sopranos ending. Thankfully, we still have a season to look forward to, and we also have ways to pass the time until season 6 graces us in 2010. Here are just a few things to keep your Lost hunger afloat in the meantime.

'Mysteries of the Universe: The DHARMA Initiative'



These brilliant videos are created in a late-70's/early-80's "mystery" shows style like Leonard Nimoy's In Search Of (along with the accompanying pseudo-disco synth music.) It delivers definitively on nuance, as discerning viewers may take note in part 1 (which is up on abc, but for some reason, is easier accessed on YouTube), of the vintage ABC station ID and the magnetic static in the beginning, as if you are watching an old VHS recording. This ongoing series also gives fans some insight as to what the outside world knows about the DHARMA Initiative. Apparently, it's right up there for conspiracy hobbyists with the Illuminati and Skull and Bones secret societies. The second of the five-part series has just debuted, which focuses on a woman named Olivia (whom Lost fans know to be the earlier wife of DHARMA leader, Horace Goodspeed and later as Ben Linus' grade school teacher on the Island.)

Mysteries of the Universe will be releasing each of its five chapters separately up until November 15, when the final part debuts.

Want to get your ass handed to you by a quiz?

Of course you do! You're a Lost fan and just that masochistic! Entertainment Weekly (who still regularly contains more than its share of regular Lost material despite its hiatus) has a new quiz designed to test your mettle of Lost knowledge. Sure, it may look like a typical flash-centric quiz designed to kill a couple minutes with some lightweight questions to make you feel all cool about yourself as a Lost fanatic. Well...NOT the case at all. This quiz, billed as a "Final Exam" of season 5, is an evil and merciless crucible of perplexity. Even if you happen to have every episode of the season DVR'd and watch them on regular basis as a place-holder for the Season 5 Blu-Ray you've already pre-ordered at Amazon, (which is NOT me, btw) I can't imagine that even some of the questions would not leave you with a "WTF?!" kind of feeling.

Didn't catch the quote from Homer's The Odyssey on Jacob's quilt that was visible for about half a second? TOO BAD! Didn't memorize the names of Rousseau's French crew-mates that Jin met when he flashed-back to 1988? FAIL! Didn't get around to translating the "what lies in the shadow of the statue" riddle from its Latin form? YOU SUCK! (Although to be fair, it was up on Lostpedia the day after the episode aired.)

Occasionally, they will give you a noobish one, like the name of the "Lost-brand" candy bar (which has been visible for a few seasons, now.) However, this quiz is clearly designed to do one thing: ratchet-up the rapage. I must say that it does that pretty well. 

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A Few Things To Keep Your 'Lost' Hunger Afloat


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