Morning Hangover #24: Patrick Ponders Frustration In Games And Raymond Watches The FCC Probe Apple & AT&T


Posted August 3, 2009 - By r_pad

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Splosion Man 
Patrick Klepek: My free time in the past few days has been spent playing through 'Splosion Man. Easily one of the most impressive downloadable games I've ever played, 'Splosion Man is a hardcore platformer. Twisted Pixel throws no punches in the level design for 'Splosion Man, often to a fault. I struggle over whether that's a fault holding against them, though; games these days are easy and often times I have no real problem with that. 'Splosion Man harkens back to an old school, throw-your-controller mentality tied to new-age physics and technology. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn't. But that's why it's a fantastic downoadable game -- in a few hours, I'll be onto the next thing. For now, it works.

Raymond Padilla: The bizarre love (hate?) triangle between Apple, AT&T, and Google is getting an intruder: the FCC. Puzzled by Apple's decision to block Google Voice from its App Store, the FCC has asked both Apple and AT&T for some answers. As you know, AT&T has enjoyed enormous success from its exclusive partnership with Apple for the iPhone. Some of you also know that Google CEO Eric Schmidt serves on Apple's board of directors. Google and AT&T were roommates at the Jedi Academy. (Okay, only two of the last three things were true.) The relationship between the three companies is complex.
It's surprising and scary that the FCC is getting involved; while most agree that the blocking of Google Voice was unfair, some are concerned that the FCC will (unnecessarily) inject itself in more and more tech matters. Personally, I don't expect much to come from this. To me, the FCC is like Mr. Furley checking up on his tenants in Three's Company (and I so know that most of you are too young to get that reference) -- might be good for a laugh, but I don't expect it to accomplish anything.
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Morning Hangover #24: Patrick Ponders Frustration In Games And Raymond Watches The FCC Probe Apple & AT&T


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