TheFeed Nightcap, July 31st -- The Pilot Episode!


Posted July 31, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

After three years of strenuous beta testing, 22 host auditions, $73 million dollars of R&D, and an endless parade of (mostly) merit-less lawsuits...The G4tv.com Nerd Army is proud to announce the pilot episode of our new weekly show, TheFeed Nightcap! Packed with 30 minutes of fast-talkin' game discussion, CG explosions, and murder mystery, Nightcap is coming to you (regularly) on Thursdays, and only on G4tv.com.

In our debut episode…

  • Billy "Couches are Awesome" Berghammer eats some crow over our Game of the Week, Wii Sports Resort
  • We pontificate on the recent game delays to 2010
  • We attempt to answer our reader question: "What's the future of handheld gaming?"
  • Patrick and Sterling recount their Comic-Con adventures
  • I wrestle an alligator, live in the studio!

Most of these things actually happened, and you can watch for yourself right here. Be sure to keep track of our shenanigans -- and propose reader questions -- on Twitter via @g4tv and @TheFeed. We also welcome your feedback on the show in the comments below. Not feeling a particular segment? Want us to do more? Too much usage of the Present Perfect Progressive tense? Ask and it's possible ye shall receive.


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TheFeed Nightcap, July 31st -- The Pilot Episode!