Brutal Legend's Profanity And Gore Filters Promote Family Play


Posted July 31, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

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Brutal Legend's Profanity And Gore Filters Promote Family Play

If you have seen even the slightest bit of footage of developer Tim Schafer’s upcoming rock opus Brutal Legend, then you might have noticed that the game features some rather intense combat, imagery and subject material. Of course, this is hardly surprising considering the game takes its inspiration from all of the darkest corners of heavy-metal lore. However, for some gamers, especially those hoping to play the game with their kids the way they did with Schafer's previous game, Psychonauts, the wall-to-wall gore, profanity and such stand as understandable barriers to entry and enjoyment.

Well, if there is anyone who knows how to please gamers, it’s Tim Schafer, which is why it doesn't shock me at all that he has ensured that all gamers will be able to enjoy his highly anticipated passion project without sacrificing too much of the overall experience. As Schafer explained to PlanetXbox360:

“There's a profanity filter in the game, where you can actually turn it on and it'll actually bleep all the language out, and it'll actually cover certain profane things with the 'parental advisory' sign, which is in itself is a reference to the PMRC [Parents Music Resource Center], right, which is part of the history of heavy metal. It's optional, so you can turn it on if you want. There's also a gore filter, which you can turn off, and you won't be dismembered and there won't be blood.”

Schafer goes on to say that if you use the profanity filter, it not only doesn’t take away from the game’s humor, it actually benefits it, since hearing bleeps instead of the actual profanity, “in some ways it makes a better joke.”

Now, feel free to decry Schafer’s self-censorship all you want, but I think this is an absolutely brilliant move, especially since, as Schafer explains, the idea of the “Parental Advisory” sticker and everything those little black and white letters evokes is as much a part of heavy-metal as the music, the lore, the theatrics, and so on. Not that I would expect anything but brilliance from Schafer and his team, given that they have yet to produce anything but flawless gaming gems; but still. Oh, why must Rocktober be so far away?!

What do you think about Brutal Legend’s (bleep) profanity and gore filters?


Brutal Legend's Profanity And Gore Filters Promote Family Play


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