Nintendo 'Not Sure' About Poor Sales For The Conduit, MadWorld


Posted July 28, 2009 - By pklepek

Nintendo 'Not Sure' About Poor Sales For The Conduit, MadWorld

Mature content's had a tough time sales wise on Nintendo's platforms, despite promising attempts by some of the best developers and publishers in the business. The Conduit was the latest victim, preceded by MadWorld and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. Wired recently spoke with Nintendo of America's VP of corporate affaird Denise Kaigler, who admitted Nintendo isn't sure why mature content's having trouble gaining traction.

"You know, I don’t know," said Kaigler. "It’s hard to say. It could be titles have the same type of sales curve that a lot of Nintendo titles have. A lot of Nintendo titles don’t follow that traditional sales curve where they launch big and then that’s it. Our titles have a long tail. They build in popularity, and this could be the case with, as you mentioned, MadWorld and The Conduit. I’ve played both. I’m not a core gamer, and I found that they were challenging and fun. We’re hopeful that the titles will catch on and that consumers who already have those games will spread the word and others will follow suit there. They’re deep experiences, and they’re very challenging titles, and we certainly like them. But it’s our hope that the games will pick up in popularity and they’ll continue to sell."

If Nintendo doesn't have a theory yet, that could be a problem. Do you?


Nintendo 'Not Sure' About Poor Sales For The Conduit, MadWorld


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