Buzz! Quiz World Comic-Con 2009 Preview

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Posted July 25, 2009 - By Andrew Pfister

Buzz! Quiz World Screenshot

You think you're so smart. What with your glasses and New York Times crossword puzzle and "diploma"...but can you recite Family Guy quotes from memory or know who John Cena wrestled against three years ago at Wrestlemania? Then you're probably going to do well at the new Buzz! game, Quiz World. Trivia buff Sterling McGarvey has the lowdown:

"When you fire up a game of Quiz World, you immediately notice the degree of personalization. You can pick the round type much more easily than before -- which means, at long last, that you can completely duck and swerve Pie Fight rounds. Also, if you desire, you can either play a game chock full of crazy stipulations ("Crazy Rounds" is the official mode name) or play "Serious" rounds, which are straight-up trivia without fighting to keep your character from falling into a giant tank of slime."

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Buzz! Quiz World Comic-Con 2009 Preview