The Future Finally Arrives: Flying Cars Available For Pre-Order


Posted July 20, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Flying Car

The future has finally arrived: Genuine flying-cars are available for pre-order from ParaJet. The ParaJet SkyCar is street-legal, and can accelerate to 62mph in just 4.2 seconds. Plus, it can frickin' fly. It works by way of a parachute style wing and a big fan. Sure, it's a far cry from George Jetson's sweet whip, but hey, flying car fans will take what they can get.

According to ParaJet:

"It will be easier and safer to fly than any other aircraft, as it has no pitch control and therefore impossible to stall or dive. Should the engine fail, the pilot would simply glide down into the nearest field or strip of sandy desert.

In the unlikely event of catastrophic wing failure, car connection system failure or mid-air collision, an emergency ballistic reserve parachute can be deployed."

What could possibly go wrong? Anyway, to get your own flying car, you'll need to plunk down £10,000 ($16,381) now and pay the remaining £50,000 ($81,905) just before its scheduled shipping window in "late 2010."  Sounds good, but the lack of any video of the car in action on ParaJet's website sets off my "vapor-ware" alarm. Oops. There's a video right here! But I still think you'd have to be insane to drive around in a dune-buggy with a parachute attached to the back.


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The Future Finally Arrives: Flying Cars Available For Pre-Order


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