If The Creatures From Dead Space Were Featured In A Movie, You'd Get This


Posted July 17, 2009 - By pklepek


Dead Space isn't being made into a movie (though I wouldn't count it out), but last night, my girlfriend and I were looking for a scare and loaded up a Twitter-recommended horror flick, Splinter. We didn't know a lick about the movie, except that horror fans complimented its liberal use of a live creature, rather than relying on cheap CG, like many horror movies today. Rock!

What I didn't expect was the creatures acting a whole hell of a lot like the lumbering flesh demons that occupy the Ishimura in Dead Space. You don't get a good sense of the Dead Space comparisons in the above movie trailer, but take my word for it: it's creepy. Not only is Splinter a solid and short horror flick, it sold me on a Dead Space movie, too.

Splinter's available through Netflix's streaming service, too -- easy access, ahoy!


If The Creatures From Dead Space Were Featured In A Movie, You'd Get This


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