Analysis: June 2009 Software Sales -- Prototype Soars, But Where's Wii Play?!


Posted July 16, 2009 - By pklepek

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Analysis: June 2009 Software Sales -- Prototype Soars, But Where's Wii Play?!

If you were looking forward to a sequel to Prototype, there's good news; Activision's open-world, dark hero adventure had a strong debut for a new franchise. Prototype sold more on Xbox 360 than PlayStation 3, but for a good reason, as Sony's demographically similar inFamous managed to stay in the sales top ten as a platform exclusive.

For your analysis, courtesy of The NPD Group:

  1. 360 Prototype, Activision, 419.9K
  2. 360 UFC 2009: Undisputed, THQ, 338.3K
  3. Wii EA Sports Active Bundle, Electronic Arts, 289.1K
  4. Wii Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10, Electronic Arts, 272.4K
  5. Wii Wii Fit, Nintendo of America, 271.6K
  6. 360 Fight Night Round 4, Electronic Arts, 260.8K
  7. PS3 Fight Night Round 4, Electronic Arts, 210.3K
  8. Wii Mario Kart Wii w/ wheel, Nintendo of America, 202.1K
  9. 360 Red Faction: Guerrilla, THQ, 199.4K
  10. PS3 inFamous, Sony, 192.7K

The NPD Group told me Prototype sold 180,000 copies on PlayStation 3 -- just 12,000 units behind inFamous on the same platform. In total, Prototype sold more than 600,000 copies in June. THQ must also be pleased, as UFC 2009: Undisputed managed to hold onto a top spot for another month, though the PlayStation 3 version fell off the sales top ten. Red Faction: Guerrilla sold a little less than I expected, given THQ's comments to me last month.

"The buzz is great," said THQ CEO Brian Farrell in a phone interview. "We've been pleased with the initial results -- obviously, it's only been a couple of weeks, but what we've seen in the marketplace, both here and in Europe and Asia, we've been very pleased so far. I've been in this business game long enough to know that an 85-rated game [according to Metacritic] will have pretty long legs."

The biggest news? Wii Play has fallen out of the top ten. According to The NPD Group, that's the first time Wii Play hasn't been in the top ten for the last 29 months.

My mind just exploded, melted and ate itself.

Analysis: June 2009 Software Sales -- Prototype Soars, But Where's Wii Play?!