Ignition Entertainment Looking For AAA Spark To Leave Niche Behind


Posted July 14, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

Ignition Entertainment Looking For AAA Spark To Leave Niche Behind

Ignition Entertainment might not carry the same kind of a name recognition as monster publishers like EA, Activision or Ubisoft, but the company is hoping to at least put a healthy dent in that obstacle over the coming year.

In a recent interview with Gamasutra, the publisher touted its upcoming lineup, which includes Vanillaware’s Muramasa: The Demon Blade (G4’s Best Wii Game from E3 2009), SNK Playmore’s The King of Fighters XII, and Tecmo’s Nostalgia. Between these titles and the various original IP Ignition is developing, the publisher believes it will easily be able to distance itself from competitors such as XSEED and Atlus.

“Right now we are definitely competing for some of the same types of games that those two publishers are, just because their philosophies are in line with us. You know: action RPGs, Japanese-style games. But I think when you see, a year from now, the kind of games we're announcing, it's not on the level of those publishers. It's something they could never do,” said Ignition’s U.S. director of development Shane Bettenhausen.
The publisher’s president Ajay Chadha followed up this comment, saying that based on the strength of these, and future projects, “We are jumping to triple-A status.”
And while what’s been shown of Ignition’s upcoming titles has certainly been impressive, the games will still need to attract a very large percentage of gamers who have a hair-trigger aversion to the style of game that Ignition is currently pursuing. However, like Bettenhausen said, it’s most likely going to be the unannounced IP that will end up solidifying Ignition’s place among other AAA publishers, assuming its current lineup of games can successfully attract the kind of attention necessary to make that happen.

What Ignition Entertainment title are you looking forward to the most?


Ignition Entertainment Looking For AAA Spark To Leave Niche Behind