TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: BlazBlue, Fallout 3, Blue Dragon, Overlord, And More


Posted July 10, 2009 - By Raymond Padilla

Summer premieres are awesome. Whether you're looking forward to seeing Bruno, Entourage, or Harry Potter, there's just something special about summertime movies and television shows. Even though lots of young people are home for school and have a lot of time on their hands, it's a slow period for gaming. Of course that doesn't stop the gang at G4tv.com! From fighters to action games to RPGs to casual titles, the editors are playing a wide variety of games. Find out what your favorite writers are playing and let everyone know what's on your playlist this weekend.
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Review
Brian Leahy: This weekend will continue with fighting game madness as I put more time into BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and Street Fighter IV, especially since I’ll be going to EVO next weekend to cover the event and get slaughtered in the SFIV tourney. I’ll probably make time for some Halo 3 and I’ve been meaning to start another playthrough of Metal Gear Solid 4 so it might be time for that. I haven’t quite decided if I’m going to get Battlefield 1943 yet, but if enough of my friends pick it up I’ll probably have to make the purchase. As always, there will be Peggle.
‘Fallout 3: Broken Steel’ Impressions
Jake Gaskill: I’m firmly entrenched in the Broken Steel Fallout 3 DLC, and I hope to continue my Enclave annihilation over the weekend. I’m actually kind of bummed, because I accidentally saved over a point where there were infinitely respawning Enclave soldiers (during one section at Adams Air Force Base), so I won’t be leveling up to 30 quite as fast as I had hoped, but if play more Fallout 3 I must then play more Fallout 3 I must. Also, I just started the second stage of Rolondo 2 for the iPhone, and the game is fantastic from top to bottom. I dug the original, and the sequel is even better. And I’ll try not to give and play that WoW version of Peggle for the 20th time, but I’m not hopeful.
TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: BlazBlue, Fallout 3, Blue Dragon, Overlord, And More
Raymond Padilla: I'm plotting strategies for my showdown with Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy VII this weekend. My party already beat the crap out of Ruby Weapon and So-Lame-I-Won't-Name-It Weapon. Emerald is going down. Aside from that, I want to play more legacy mode in Fight Night Round 4. When I turn off the boxing fan part of my brain, it's an absolutely brilliant experience. When i start thinking about it as a boxing fan and a boxer, I get annoyed.
Lastly, I promise my RPG industry friends (a subsection of the writers and developers I pal around with) that I'd start Blue Dragon soon. Most of them are shocked that I haven't played it. I love Akira Toriyama's character designs and I super love RPGs with job systems.

Overlord: Dark Legend Launch Trailer »

Patrick Klepek: Late at night, it takes some effort for me to pick up a Wiimote and a nunchuck. It always feel like it's more work to play a Wii game, especially if the pointer's involved. I've been committed to playing more Overlord: Dark Legend, though, so while Windows XP loaded onto my MacBook Pro, Overlord was given another shot. What an awesome decision, too; the Wii version is fantastic, possibly the best version of Overlord yet. I'd considered just tossing on an episode of The Twilight Zone over Netflix streaming, but I'm happy to have spent an hour or two in Overlord's world. I'll be returning there this weekend.
Billy Berghammer: Ready, set, weekend! Even though I’ve been saying I’m heading back into Azeroth and finishing up inFAMOUS, it’s all been casual games for me the last few months. (see this week’s Letter from the Director) Since I finished Peggle on iPhone last weekend, this weekend it’s all about putting the final touches on Plants vs. Zombies. Damn you Pop Cap!
1 vs. 100 Live
Stephen Johnson: This is the anniversary of my wedding, and unlike some guys here at G4 (who will remain nameless), I’m actually very “into” being married. So, to celebrate the time-honored institution of marriage, this weekend I’m going to be playing only video games I can play with my wife. The problem is, she’s not really a gamer, and is into only a very limited selection of games, so I imagine we’ll spend some time curled up on the couch playing 1 Vs. 100– our combined intellectual-trivia powers are utterly unstoppable in that  1 Vs. 100. Then, we’ll rock some We Love Katamari on the 360. My original plan of buying her a high-end gaming PC engraved with my name (so she’d know who it was from) fell through because it was a very bad idea. Along with the game playing, we’ll be going out for a nice dinner and a showing of Bruno. (I hope you have enjoyed this window into my personal life.)
TheFeed's Weekend Playlist: BlazBlue, Fallout 3, Blue Dragon, Overlord, And More


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