North Korea Waging Cyber Attack Against U.S., South Korea


Posted July 8, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

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Remember a few weeks ago when there there were news reports that North Korea was going to launch a missile at Hawaii? And then Michael Jackson died so everyone forgot about everything on Earth except what a good album Thriller is? As far as I know, Hawaii still exists (although, I could have missed the news: Michael Jackson had a funeral, after all.). North Korea, though, is still up to its devilish tricks and has launched a cyber-attack on the United States and South Korea.

The DDoS attack took down some of South Korea's most important internet websites, including The defense ministry, the national assembly, Shinhan bank, and that YouTube video of a monkey peeing in its own mouth. The North Korean keyboard warriors tried to disable the White House's website and the computers at the New York Stock Exchange, but Ronald Reagan stopped the attack...from beyond the grave! (Actually, the U.S. internet-defense forces "deflected the cyber barrage")

John Bumgarner, director of research at the US Cyber Consequences Unit, said: "There's been a lot chatter recently about cyber-war. The North Koreans may have felt they were not getting enough attention launching missiles so they moved into another potential warfare – cyber. It's a form of sabre rattling. But the big question is, did the North Koreans launch it themselves or did someone do it for them?"

I have another question: When the our country's big, bad Axis-of-Evil enemy can't even manage to take down a few dumb websites, how scared should we really be? Even 4Chan (or was it ebaums world?) can manage a DDoS attack when they feel like it, and that's just a couple hundred maladjusted teenagers with agoraphobia. North Korea is a whole damn totalitarian dictatorship and this is the best it can do?  I'm not mad at you, North Korea. I'm just very disappointed.



North Korea Waging Cyber Attack Against U.S., South Korea


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