Tretton Shoots Down PS3 Price-Cut Calls Too


Posted July 8, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Jack TrettonSony would like to make one thing perfectly clear: It is not cutting the price of the PlayStation 3, no matter how many people whine about it. So shut up already.

Earlier, I told you how CEO Sir Howard Stringer said Robert Kotick's seeming-threats that Activision could stop developing for PS3 if the price isn't lowered are "a lot of noise," and now Jack Tretton, President of Sony Computer Entertainment America, has reiterated his point.

In an interview with Fast Company, Tretton said:

"People are always wanting you to lower your price on hardware. We could've come out with a PlayStation 2.5 for $299 or less, and in the first two or three years it would sell extremely well. But there would be a point where people would be going, "I am not really seeing the incremental leap." We feel that we're sacrificing the short term to pay dividends in the long term. People are having short-term thinking--the platform is not even three years old. It was $599; it's now $399. The focus on pricing is something we appreciate, but you have to have the conviction and the confidence that you are on the right path for the long term and ultimately you'll get all the consumers you want. You won't get them all day one, but we're looking to get them over a 10-year period. It's going to take different things to get different consumers."

If you're following along at home, here are just some of the people who have called for or predicted a price cut in the last few months: Janco Partners analyst Mike Hickey, Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg, Wedbush Morgan Securities video game analyst Michael Pachter, some guy I met on a train, Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown,  Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans, Activision head Robert Kottick, half of our commenters, and many others.

But just to be different, and contrary, I'm going to say this: I don't think Sony should cut the price of the PS3. It's not crazy expensive for what you get. The price has already been chopped since the thing was launched, and now, finally, it's actually worth the cost. Everyone who doesn't already have a PS3 needs to quit complaining. I know it's tough out there economically, but pick up a paper-route, sell some plasma and save up the price of a PS3. You'll like it better because you earned it, know what I mean?

Also, keep in mind, many of the people calling for a price-cut are game makers, and in a perfect world for them, consoles would be free, so everyone would have at least one and they'd sell a lot more software. I bet if Sony started saying that PS3 games should be cheaper, so Sony could sell more consoles, game publishers would disagree pretty strongly.


Tretton Shoots Down PS3 Price-Cut Calls Too


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