Massachusetts Luring Video Game Companies With Tax Breaks


Posted July 8, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Rep. John BiniendaYou don't hear as many people in power decrying the evil nature of video games as you used to. Part of that is a more liberal political climate brought in in the wake of the Obama election, but the main reason is strictly monetary: In times of economic need, politicians seem more prone to cozy up to the recession-proof (or, at least recession-resistant) video game industry.

For example, Massachusetts Rep. John Binienda.  Binienda has proposed H.2690, a measure that would extend tax credits to video game concerns that set down roots in Mass.

"The idea here is that if you could make some tax credits and some tax breaks, that not only could you get your degree here, but you could work here to keep the best and the brightest minds here, in the [video game development] field," Binienda said.

The bill is being debated today in the State House. Wish it luck -- the U.S. will need it. Foreign government are also subsidizing video game development. As Ray Pad told you all yesterday, Taiwan is working closely with Sony to bring developers over there.



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Massachusetts Luring Video Game Companies With Tax Breaks


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