Cruel Alarm Clock Forces Sleepy People To Play DDR


Posted July 7, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Finger Danec Alarm Clock

Above is a photo of the Finger Dance alarm clock, the newest in getting-the-hell-out-of-bed technology. It works like this: The alarm goes off, and in order to hit “Snooze” and get that precious nine minutes of extra time in dreamland, you have to do a little Dance Dance Revolution style action with your fingers.  In fact, you can’t even turn the alarm off without completing a round of fingertip DDR.

I like this clock, but if I owned it, it would quickly meet its doom: The first morning the alarm went off and I couldn’t instantly silence it, I would smash it against my headboard with terrible vengeance and righteous indignation. So I’m not interested until they make an unbreakable model… and even then, I’m not interested. If you are interested, it only costs 16 bucks.

Wait, why does it read 17 O'Clock??


Cruel Alarm Clock Forces Sleepy People To Play DDR


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