Blair Herter: Worst Person On Earth?


Posted July 1, 2009 - By Stephen Johnson

Blair Herter

As you probably know, the very existence of G4 correspondent Blair Herter causes strong feelings in everyone he meets. Sometimes those feelings become too much to take, and they must be expressed on the internet. I say this by way of introducing you to the We Hate Blair Herter... Get Him Off of X-Play facebook group. 

The group was started by X-Play fan Chelsea K., but was brought to the attention of G4 by Herter himself. Now all of Herter's co-workers, friends and just about everyone Blair has ever met has joined the group. I hear his own mother is the treasurer.

I tracked Blair down to get his feelings on this important development, and he said "As someone who hates myself more than anyone else possibly could, and as a man who lives his life by the rules set forth by the Constitution of this great United States of America, I think it's only fair that everyone support the beautiful freedom of expression this group represents." 

"I really do suck," he added.

Join up, and register your own contempt. Seriously, it's fun.

Blair Herter: Worst Person On Earth?