MAG Developer Discusses The Game's PMC Styles In Terms Of Musical Taste


Posted June 30, 2009 - By Jake Gaskill

MAG Developer Diary #2: Meet the Private Miliatry Corps. »

Zipper Interactive’s upcoming 256-player-supported military FPS MAG promises to deliver combat on an unprecedented scale when it lands on the PlayStation 3 later this year. To get players geared up for teh game, the MAG team has been releasing weekly Dev Diaries over at the PlayStation Blog to tease and inform. This week, the developers focus on the three groups of private military contractors players can choose from in the game: Valor, Raven and S.V.E.R.

Valor is the most traditional military group of the three, and will be the obvious choice for Modern Warfare fans. Raven is like the Apple of PMCs, as they sport the latest high-tech gadgetry and weapons and have a slick, semi-futuristic style to their outfits and bases. S.V.E.R is the preferred choice for madmen and psychopaths.

In terms of what players can expect from the various PMCs, MAG’s lead designer Andy Beaudoin explains:

“We wanted to make sure that each of the PMCs had a very different look and feel and a very different style. So think of it almost as, if you listen to different styles of music, you might gravitate towards one or the other.”

And those styles extend to everything from weaponry, to outfits, to base designs, and all those factors determine your particular playing style as well, with Raven being the more tactical of the three groups while S.V.E.R favors a more aggressive and blunt approach. This pretty much guarantees every player with be able to instantly feel at home with at least one group, and having accessible combat is especially important for MAG, considering the scope and scale of the combat it’s attempting to deliver.

Based on these initial descriptions, which MAG PMC are you most looking forward to playing as?


MAG Developer Discusses The Game's PMC Styles In Terms Of Musical Taste


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